Design your XML Schema

Compose your XML schemas faster than it’s ever been possible before with our XSD Composer.

Composing an XML schema can be time consuming and complex, but XML Edita changes all of that. XML Edita’s XSD Composer is an easy to use, visual tool to help you add or modify the structure as well as the attributes of each node separately.

Edit XML using autocompletion

Quickly and efficiently edit your XML documents.

Once your XML document is associated to an XML schema or a DTD, our easy to use typing assistant suggests ways to complete the names of the elements or attributes. This allows you to stay consistent throughout your work and diminishes the numbers of validation errors, while allowing you to complete your work effectively is less time.

Validate XML using Schema

Structure and regroup your documents into projects.

Gain in productivity by organizing your document in a project structure. You have access to all the files related to a project in one convenient, easy to find place. Once you have linked a document to a project, you will never again need to search through your computer to find it. Having clearly organized documents and projects makes you more efficient and limits the risk of errors.

Edit XML using autocompletion

XML document validation.

With XML Edita, you can validate your documents using an XML schema or a DTD. Quickly view and localize the validation errors using our error console. During the validation process, the errors show up in the console. You can then select an error in the console and you will be brought to the line containing the mistake in the document you can correct it.

Associate your XML schemas to your documents.

A user-friendly assistant will help you associate one or more XML schemas to your XML documents. This assistant also allows you to easily declare the namespaces in your documents.

Take advantage of the performance of a native application.

XML Edita is a 100% native applications that uses the latest Apple technology. The app is entirely sandboxed to keep your system safe.

Transform your documents.

Quickly apply transformations and instantly view the results in our on-board browser or in an XML viewer.

Format your document.

The app is equipped with an pretty-print indentation function allowing you to format your XML documents and make them easy to read.

XML Edita is also available through the Mac App Store.