If you've got more questions... We'll do our best to answer.

  • How can I change the work directory?

    You have to reset the default settings through the option button at the start of the application.

  • How can I update auto-completion if the XML schema has been modified?

    In the XML menu, click on « Reload schema » to reload the XML schema.

  • Is there an evaluation version of XML Edita?

    The application is only available through the Apple App Store which doesn’t offer the possibility of providing an evaluation version.

  • Where to buy XML Edita?

    The XML Edita application is only available in the Apple App Store using the following link

  • Is there a Windows version of XML Edita?

    No, XML Edita is only available for systems using macOS (10.11 and above).

  • What is XML Edita's privacy policy?

    We do not collect any personal data at all.

  • Why do I have to select a work directory?

    XML Edita is a sandboxed application, meaning that the access rights are limited, so the application only has access to the directory you select. Please refer to the application’s documentation for more information.

  • Which parser does XML Edita use?

    XML Edita uses Libxml2, this library is also used by xmllint.